Landscape Maintenance Checklists

by Jess Stryker, Landscape Architect, Lic. CA#2743  (retired)

The following are generic Landscape Maintenance Checklists that you can use as a starting point for determining what specific maintenance items may be needed for both weekly and monthly landscape maintenance chores.  The lists are suitable for both residential and commercial landscapes.  I created these to help my clients to preserve the investment they had made in new landscaping.

How to Fix a Noisy or Bubbling Noise in a Sloan Flushmate Toilet

Toilet models that use the Sloan Flushmate System will sometimes make a moaning or groaning noise when flushed.  Other times they continuously gurgle, like the sound of water leaking or bubbling. The groaning noise occurs just AFTER the toilet has flushed, while the tank is refilling. The gurgling noise is continuous.  A somewhat loud whooshing noise is normal when this type of toilet is flushed, this sounds similar to the noise a commercial toilet makes.  Here's how to fix it.

How to Clean and Renew Your Redwood or Cedar Fence or Deck

by Jess Stryker, Landscape Architect (reg. no. 2743 California)

Is your fence or deck looking gray and dirty?  Do you have a brand new fence or deck with ugly black marks on the wood?  Here's how to identify the problem and fix it.

Photo of a weathered gray fence.Photo of a new redwood fence with a black splotch on it.

Left: Weathered redwood fence that has turned gray with age and dirt.
Right: Ugly black discoloration on a new redwood fence.